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Rose face scrub

Rose face scrub

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Rose face wash scrub 

Beautiful rose face scrub 120 g Rose known being a Soft and powdery but intensely floral fragrance , Rose Absolute essential oil is a solvent extraction from the perfumed petals of the flower. Soothing for the emotions, thought to bring calm in the midst of grief and heartache, it is also hydrating, soothing and age-defying for the skin.Contains vitamin e which is a fat-soluble, essential nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E helps support the immune system, cell function, and skin health. It’s an antioxidant, making it effective at combating the effects of free radicals produced by the metabolism of food and toxins in the environment. Vitamin E may be beneficial at reducing UV damage to skin.It may also be effective at reducing the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and fatty liver disease, and for slowing the progression of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Contains sweet almond oil which is said to Reduce puffiness and under-eye circles. ...Improvebcomplexion and skin tone. Treat dry skin. Improves acne. Helps reverse sun damage. As well as Reducing the appearance of scars.


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