This  is our 5 year old son, he had a crazy addiction to bath bombs, soaps, all the glitters and colours and things that make you sparkle and look fabulous.

One day he asked why cant we make our own, and here we are today, making our own cosmetics and toiletries..

Oh did I mention, He also named the buisness "Uniqorn Sparklz" and he even drew our signature Logo (the unicorns)

So here we are, who would have though a 5 year old would take over and boss us about, ahhh..


Anyway, here we are, the parents, after being together for a good few years, we ended up in a situation where the unfortunate Covid came along, and lockdown happened, but as a family unit we decided to try something a little different, and making soaps and bath bombs was the beginning for us,after many days of reasearching and planning, "Uniqorn Sparklz" was born, Named by our child:) we run as a family and give each other all the support we can..
We try our hardest to ensure all our products are made to the highest standard we can, and aim to be as eco friendly as possible, not an easy task but so far so good.
All ourcosmetic products are fully assessed and are all CLP compliant :)


Here at Uniqorn Sparklz we make sure that all our products are sutible for our vegan friends :)

They are either palm oil free or from sustainably  sourced (RSPO) because we dont think its fair on the Orangutans :)

And we try our hardest to use the most eco friendly packaging to try and help the enviroment