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Hand and foot balms

Hand and foot balms

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Essential oil blend

Nourishing hand and foot balms . 
these use nourishing butters and oils that are all palm free vegan and cruelty free 


made using organic coconut oil , organic olive oil, organic Shea butter and organic sweet almond oils. Coconut is known fir its anti microbial properties and is great for moisturising skin. It has a inflammatory reducing make up making it great for dry hands. Olive oil is hydrating and an antioxidant great for using as a hand cream .almond oil treats dry skin reduces marks and is said to reverse sun damage Shea butter Skin softening conditioning soothing anti-inflammatory properties making this amazing as part of our great balm recipe.

 Lavender & Peppermint contains geraniol, linalool,limonene 


ginger & Lemongrass citral, geraniol limonene, linalool 


grapefruit & maychang citral  geraniol limonene, linalool citronellol 


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